Considering the eternal popularity of Mother Goose, we decided to make many of her works available.  Plus, we have created Coloring Pages,  Mazes and other fun activities based on her offerings.  Use these pages to enrich the student in your home.

Learning can be fun!


It’s fun to exercise your brain too!  So, we’ve created these Mother Goose Anagrams to give your vocabulary and spelling skills a workout.  Can you unscramble the letters on each line to create all of the rhyme-related words they hide?  Ready for an added bonus?  Unscramble the boxed letters to discover the secret word.


For the youngest Bingo players, we have created a very simple game called “Mother Goose 3-in-a-Row”.  If they can recognize familiar Mother Goose characters, they can play this game.  We have also provided Rhyme Cards to be read by the caller when the matching Caller Card is selected.  Add fun to learning with this free printable game.

Circle Games

Think you know everything about Mother Goose rhymes?  Our Circle Games will test your knowledge while you have fun.  Circle the answer to simple questions about the nursery rhyme included on each game sheet.  When you’ve finished, compare your solutions to the Answer Sheet.

Color by Number

If you have a little one who is learning colors and numbers, why not combine their efforts in an enjoyable way?  Our Mother Goose Color-by-Number pages offer hours of fun while teaching the basics.


What child doesn’t love to color?  Our Free Printable Coloring Pages are filled with fanciful images from the Mother Goose rhymes.  They’re whimsical, elegant and suitable for children who possess more advanced coloring skills.


Up and down and to and fro, can you guess which way to go?  Challenge your skills with our original Mother Goose Mazes.  They’re filled with beloved characters from familiar and lesser-known rhymes of Mother Goose that will give hours of playtime fun to someone special today.

Playing Cards

If you love to play cards, here’s a great way to add Mother Goose to your games.  Filled with characters from her rhymes, this deck of Printable Playing Cards can add hours of fun to your home school day.


Rhymes, rhymes, everywhere a rhyme.  We’ve collected some of Mother Goose’s Nursery Rhymes from a vast array that seems endless.  Just how many rhymes she contributed is unknown, but we’ve set up this group in a way that allows you to print your favorites.  They are great for bedtime or as reading exercises.


Here’s a great way to improve vocabulary and spelling skills!  While you’re having fun playing our Free Printable Scrabble Game, you’ll see even the youngest student become more and more confident about creating words to capture those double and triple word scores.