We have lots of interesting and fun ways to teach basic alphabet, spelling and reading skills to even the youngest child.  Build a strong foundation that will lead to a future of success by sharing time and laughs in the guise of stimulating entertainment.  Just watch their knowledge grow!  Who says teaching or learning has to feel like work?

Let’s make learning fun!

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Alphabet Charts

While teaching the little ones their letters, sometimes a visual aid is helpful. By hanging one of our cute Alphabet Charts on their bedroom wall or the refrigerator door, they’ll be practicing every time they look at it.

Alphabet Critters

Have an imaginative good time assembling these alphabet critters.  They’re filled with vibrant colors and will help teach the alphabet to your youngest student in a way that is fun and anything but boring.

Alphabet Puzzles

What a great way to have fun while your pre-school child learns their alphabet.  These alphabet puzzles are filled with color and boast a wide range of subjects from nature to funny clowns.  Print them on magnetic paper for a special surprise.

Basic Letter Flashcards

Our Free Printable “Basic Number Flashcards” will make everyday a celebration.  Introduce letters to the youngest child for the first time using their favorite color. We’ve even included blank cards so you can tailor the lesson to the student.

Let’s make learning fun!

Crossword Puzzles with Pictures

Use your new word and recognition skills to solve our Crossword Puzzles with Pictures.  Simply match the number of the blank space in the puzzle to a corresponding picture shown on the page.  Then, fill in that word in the appropriate place in the puzzle.  It’s an easy and fun way to introduce younger students to the joy of crossword puzzles. 

Easy Alphabet Puzzles

These alphabet puzzles are a fun way to help teach your pre-school child their alphabet.  Trimmed with flowers, butterflies and an occasional friendly bee or garden dweller, they will bring a smile to your little one’s face.

Holiday Flashcards

Our Free Printable “Holiday Alphabet Flashcards” are a great way to have fun learning the alphabet even on the “special” days.  We’ve even included blank cards with each set so you can tailor the lesson to the student.  Select from Christmas, Easter and Halloween.

Picture Words

Our Free Printable Picture Word Flashcards are a great way to introduce your child to spelling through image recognition.  Select from five categories…all with kid-friendly designs.


What a great fun way to learn to recognize letters and words.  Search our Puzzlers to see how many bird, farm animal, water critter and wild animal names you can find…you can even play for points to make it more challenging.

Spelling Cards

Our Free Printable Spelling Cards are an imaginative way to introduce words through image recognition.  Even the youngest child will be drawn to these colorful and fun illustrations.

Vowel Recognition

Our Free Printable Vowel Recognition Cards are an imaginative way to introduce vowels through the use of interesting images.  Even the youngest child will be drawn to these colorful and fun illustrations.