Coloring Sheets

We have a selection of coloring sheets that are great fun.  Color a calendar, meet the magical signs of the zodiac, take pride in the flags our nation has flown during times of peace and war, or choose your favorite whimsical character to bring to life with color.  Wonderful learning tools for pre-K students and preschoolers.


Those of you who love to color will enjoy our Calendars.  Use your imagination to breathe life into wild animals, beautiful butterflies or lovely flowers.  Each monthly or 12-month calendar picture can be colored with your crayons, markers or colored pencils.  Simply print, color and hang.

Color by Number

If you have a little one who is learning colors and numbers, why not combine their efforts in an enjoyable way?  Our Color-by-Number pages are filled with whimsical subjects and will provide hours of fun while teaching the basics.

Historic U.S. Flags

America has gone through many stages in its short lifetime.  At every point of change, a flag has been the iconic representation of that era.  Enjoy the march of evolution as you color and identify each flag.


Our coloring sheets are varied.  We have animals, birds, a Viking, a spaceship, a queen, a zombie and many more from which to choose.  Plus, each coloring sheet gives pre-K students and preschoolers a little information on the animal, bird, or other character they have selected so they can read and learn while coloring.


The Heavens have always been a fascinating subject.  Our zodiac coloring sheets will transport you back to a time when the Greeks believed the constellations represented images of the gods and named them in their honor.