We’ve been planning an update for a while and it’s finally here!  There are lots of new educational printables to help with home schooling as well as some that are just for fun.  Here are a just a few examples…

First Ladies Flashcards
As the saying goes, “Behind every great man, is a great woman.” While the President leads the country, the First Lady (or designated hostess) is a steadfast companion who stands diligently by his side through good times and bad. As a valuable partner, it is among her duties to plan parties that will impress, entertain and perhaps sway the hearts of important guests when they visit the White House.

Advanced Counting Sheets

These delightful Counting Games are for the more advanced preschoolers. Students will learn their numbers through shape recognition, spelling and vocabulary. Available in vibrant colors or in black & white.

Easy Bingo

What a great way to combine learned skills! If your little one can read a little or recognize shapes and colors, it’s time to let them use those skills in a fun way…BINGO! Our Easy Bingo is designed with playful images especially for the youngest student.

Alphabet Charts

While teaching the little ones their letters, sometimes a visual aid is helpful. By hanging one of our cute Alphabet Charts on their bedroom wall or the refrigerator door, they’ll be practicing every time they look at it.

Crossnumber Puzzles

If you like puzzles, you’ll love the twist we’ve added to these Crossnumber Puzzles. Instead of filling the empty spaces with letters, you’ll fill them with solutions to math problems. Simple, continuing equations are a great first challenge for the beginning mathematician. Good Luck!

Match What Animals Say

Do you love animals? Here’s a cute little “Match What Animals Say” game that teaches basics with a big dose of fun. Simply cut out the flashcards, mix them up and let your pre-schooler match the image to the flashcard with the sound an animal makes. Great for the youngest student.

Learn to Draw

If your little one loves to doodle, here’s a great way to encourage their artistic aptitude. Our “Learn to Draw” pages break images down to basic, simple forms that allow young students to get a good grasp on the art of pencil drawing. Have fun developing a new talent.


What a great fun way to learn to recognize letters and words. Search our Puzzlers to see how many bird, farm animal, water critter and wild animal names you can find…you can even play for points to make it more challenging.

Learning to Use Money

It is very important for a child to learn to use and exchange money. In the world today, a toddler becomes a teenager in the blink of an eye and the ability to handle money with diligence and respect can make or break their financial future. Our Money Skill Games teach that skill in a fun and entertaining way.

Astronomy Flashcards

Does your little one ever look up at a starry sky and wonder? Our Astronomy Flashcards will help them to learn about the planets and many of the heavenly bodies inhabiting our solar system. Neat, colorful pictures and lots of interesting facts.