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Advantages of Home Schooling

 Home schooling can leave you with many challenges and conundrums.  Our articles will attempt to address some of the stumbling blocks you encounter as you make your way through your child’s well-rounded education.  We hope you find them useful.

Why are more and more parents opting to home school their children these days?

Many educators consider it an “old fashioned” and “archaic” method that’s been out-paced by teaching advances made over the last century.  However, teaching professionals do agree that one-on-one tutoring is the most successful and effective tool for education.  This statement is substantiated by statistics that show home-schooled students consistently scored at or above average in virtually all subject areas on standardized tests.  Independent studies have also shown that when parents are directly involved in their child’s education, the child is likely to excel in academics…

What Wall Decals Can Help Children Learning at Home?

When you have children, you want to do everything possible to support their learning process. Decorating a child’s bedroom or playroom with educational wall decals is a fun way to supplement in-school knowledge and curriculum.

From alphabets to chemistry tables, the possibilities for educational wall stickers are endless. Of course, you can also stick with inspirational quotes thata keep your kids motivated to learn. Regardless of what you choose, wall decals and stickers are easy to put up and move.

Here are some common wall stickers you’ll find to help your kids learn at home.

The Letters of the Alphabet Wall Decals

If your kids are preschool or elementary school age, wall stickers that depict the alphabet can be helpful. They can use them to practice their ABCs and complete homework assignments. Plus, alphabet wall decals come in eye-catching designs.

Liven up a bedroom or a room you use for homeschooling and homework. There are classic letter strings or alphabet blocks to choose from. You can also mix and match different colors to brighten up a wall or match existing furniture and carpet.

Inspirational Wall Quotes Sticker

One thing is true about wall decals or stickers. There’s always a plethora of inspirational quotes to put up on your walls. Some of these quotes pertain to learning and education. Like, you can use them to keep your kid going, even when faced with tough subject matters.

The great thing about inspirational quotes is you can switch them up as your child ages. So, you might have something more elementary until your kid reaches adolescence. Then, you can ask for their input and include more mature quotes about learning and growing.

Scientific Tables

Does your son or daughter have trouble keeping track of the table of elements? Or the scientific process? Well, there’s a wall sticker for that. Yes, you can put the table of elements on a wall.

Whether your middle or high schooler is taking chemistry or just thinks the table’s cool, they can now stare at it every day. But don’t worry. If they grow tired of it, you can always take it down and put it up in the room of your next kid.


When your child is trying to learn about the animals in the world, it helps to see pictures. Wall stickers that show what different animals look like can support their learning efforts. You can put up animals like giraffes, monkeys, cows, pigs, you name it.

While some people might be concerned about making a room look like a zoo or a farm, you can find smaller decals. Make a section of the room about animals or devote the stickers to a single wall.


School-aged children benefit from diverse learning experiences. Extending those opportunities to their homes in unexpected ways can help kids reinforce what they absorb in the classroom.

Wall stickers with letters of the alphabet, inspirational quotes, scientific tables, and animals are perfect additions. You can customize the sizes, shapes, and colors for truly personalized education.   

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