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Every parent wants their child to do well in school and to support them in their learning. There are many ways that parents can help, such as being involved with homework, encouraging new interests, spending extra time on subjects that appear to be more difficult for a child.

The importance of reading to your child and having them read to you can never be underestimated.  Whether it's an exciting new story or finding out facts about something that interests them, having a variety of books in easy reach is a great way to encourage learning.

Timing is always important...

If your child is tired or hungry they will not be able to concentrate; a small task will take longer and become frustrating for both child and parent. It sounds cliché, but the more your child enjoys learning, the more they will learn. Having a routine for homework will make things easier and this can be adapted to your own child's learning pattern.  For example, choose the time of the day when you know they'll be the most alert and factor in a few minutes for a well-earned break.

Find the right space...

Another dynamic in helping your children to learn is the efficiency of their home environment. Decide where your child works best.  Do they achieve more when working alone and away from the hectic noise of the house, such as in their bedroom? Or do they prefer to be around other people, in a corner of a family room whilst other quiet activities are taking place? If your child needs supervision and encouragement to stay on task, the second option may be the best.

Children learn better when they have a comfortable work environment.  Once you know your child's preferences, you can plan their study space around them.

Giving your child their own area for study shows them that you place value on homework and learning.  This helps to instill those same feelings of worth in them.  It will enable them to have all their study materials in one place; no more study time will be wasted searching for pencils or rulers. Their books will not clutter family spaces or get misplaced. Taking a break or stopping for dinner is no longer a problem because they know everything will remain just as they left it.


Keep it neat...
Your child's study area should be kept neat and well organized.  It is more likely to stay this way if they have some input into the design of their work space. Shelves make handy easily accessible storage space and colorful containers are great for storing pens and pencils. Drawers also keep desktops uncluttered and as clear as possible.

Making it work...

Involve your child by letting them decorate their work area, perhaps with some educational posters, achievement certificates or books. If their work space is in their bedroom or a playroom, toys and games should be kept in a separate area to prevent distraction and only made available as a reward when study has finished.

Good lighting is as essential as a comfortable chair.  All well-illuminated childrens desks should allow enough space to spread out study tools and must create a comfortable surrounding for your child.


By supporting and encouraging your child's home learning you are giving them the tools they need to do well in any educational situation.

Safety Matters

Some of our projects require supplies that may pose a swallowing hazard to the very young.  Since you know your child better than anyone else, we rely on your judgment to determine if a project is age appropriate.


Important Tip

To make all of your projects more durable, we recommend using 110 lb. card stock or better.




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